NFT is a trading company focused on DIY articles for the Nordic market. We provide the best service and focus on the lowest possible cost at all stages. Our customers are wholesalers, importers and retailers in the Nordic market.

We will be the first to show our customers new ideas and products that show up on the do-it-yourself market, and offer the products at the best price from the beginning.

NFT was founded in 2016. The company owners have more than 25 years of experience in the Nordic DIY market in many different product categories.

Our idea is to bring our customers close to the best manufacturers, trading houses and agencies around the world. We guarantee the right products, in the best qualities, that will comply with existing rules, standards and product specific requirements.

We offer our customers to deliver the products in the manner that best fits into their set-up, whether the demand is FOB, DDP, from warehouse or other specific demands.

Our expert area are power tools and hand tools. In addition, we have a big knowhow in a large variety of DIY products, where we will be able to help you on your way to the right solutions and producers.