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NFT is a Danish trading company focusing on DIY
products for the Nordic market.

Our mission is to bring our customers close to the best manufacturers, trading houses and agencies around the world.

Ferrarivej 5
DK-7100 Vejle
DenmarkT: +45 70 20 95 96
E: nft@nft-aps.dk
NFT ApS is the official and exclusive distributor of HYUNDAI POWER PRODUCTS in Denmark. We offer power tools, accessories and other Hyundai products.

Visit our webshop hyundaitools-dk.com – you might find one or more good offers!


Our customers
We serve wholesalers, importers and retailers in the Nordic market.
Our promise
We come up with new ideas and products for the do-it-yourself market.
Our guarantee
We guarantee products of high quality that comply with the requirements.
Our service
Our level of service is high and we go to great lengths to make you happy.